I can’t wait till the summer so I can get these workouts in Basketball and football. I plan on being the best and very reliable. What do you plan for those of you who play sports?

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April jobs report: Hiring picks up

The U.S. economy seemed to be headed for a spring slowdown this year. Then the April jobs report was released Friday morning, and now some economists are doing a double-take. The economy added 165,000 jobs in April, according to the Labor Department. That was more than the 140,000 jobs economists expected, and it marked an improvement over March. The even bigger story, though, came from large revisions to earlier numbers. It’s a common practice for the Labor Department to revise its data for the two prior months, and this time, those revisions showed an additional 114,000 jobs were added in the U.S. economy over February and March alone. Does this benefit us?

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Tiny flying robots! Meet the quadrotor

It’s a mesmerizing, surreal scene. Eight tiny, unmanned aerial vehicles called quadrotors begin to rise from the ground in unison. They hover at eye level, filling the room with a heavy buzzing sound. Then they move through a makeshift window, one at a time, and reform as a group on the other side. How do you fell?

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College and Sports

I can’t wait till the summer because I finally get to get my training in for basketball. Then I get to get my workout on for football I plan to come diesel. I’m also an waiting to go to college in the future 3 years I have left in Boys’ Latin and become a successful student/athlete. What do you plan on doing for college?

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This Week

This week has been popping so far especially on Monday. Monday was chilling because no teachers were I had 4 free periods and the rest of my week has just been going my way. Today especially because I got to chill and Friday feels like the Monday I had before.  

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The Arizona Cardinals have released guard Adam Snyder after taking two players at his position in last week’s draft. Why release someone when your draft picks might be a bust?                            Adam Snyder

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NBA player Jason Collins comes out as gay

US basketball player Jason Collins has come out as gay, the first active male athlete in a major American professional team sport to do so. He declared his sexuality in an article for Sports Illustrated, announcing: “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay. Collins said he had struggled with his sexuality for years. collinsHow do you feel about having “Gay’s” play professional sports ?

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