That’s All She Wrote: The Bears Will Finish 8-8, Right?

I don’t like the bears but I don’t think they’ll finish 8-8 though, probably 10-6 again.

CBS Chicago

By George Ofman-

(CBS) Think about this for a moment. Let’s say the Cubs get a 5,000 square foot scoreboard. And let’s say its 170 feet long. That means is will be about 30 feet high. High enough to block some of those roof tops. But two of the three rooftops in left field are owned by the same guy and he’s in Rickett’s camp.


Speaking of which, why didn’t Mike Lufrano, the Cubs attorney, disclose more information about the proposed jumbotron when Ricketts trumpeted his deal with the city? Because the team really doesn’t have a concrete plan yet, that’s why.


Why do I get the feeling when the Bulls open the playoffs against the Nets, Derrick Rose will be coming off the bench? OK, wishful thinking. Bulls in six, so long as Noah is healthy. Bulls in six if Rose magically appears.


The strength of…

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