Reducing Hatred

Some ways we can reduce hatred in the world is by not hating one another everywhere we go in life, learn how to take action instead of complaining about things we can change in our own hearts to better ourselves and friendships with other people, and we also need to stop beating each other up. One way we could hate on each other is own up to what we did and apologize or make up for what we did. For example, the Donald Sterlin situation that happened in the NBA, we all dislike the man for what he said but that doesn’t mean that we have to hate him and have homicidal thoughts towards him because racist remarks been going around for a while in the world and in NBA. We just need to wait for punishment to come and capitalize off of what happens like someone else buying the team from him or whoever because no one with these kind of thoughts towards a person shouldn’t own an NBA team. Another way we can reduce hatred is learning how to act. Many people complain about the fact of how there not like someone else or that they want to be somebody. Well all you have to do is just take action instead of whining, complaining and blaming others for what you couldn’t do when all you had to do was show some commitment or just get what you want or need to do done. For instance, people who want to lose weight or get better at certain sport all it takes is hard work and commitment. There will never be one person in the world that’s just born with talent that can take you anywhere you want to go. We all just need to man up, face the truth, get better, and show more commitment towards things we want instead of worrying about the people that are already ahead or above us because they had earned the spot they got today. Last but not least we all need to stop beating each other up physically and mentally. For example, instead of always bringing each other down we all need to work together and try to progress together. some may progress faster than others but that doesn’t mean that we still can’t help each other out. Teamwork is the key to success for everyone. These are ways I think we all can reduce hatred and better ourselves as people.

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Hatred is the one thing that people shouldn’t have in their lives. Hatred is also one thing that shouldn’t exist because everyone talks about the love they have for one another and love Is they key to breaking any kind of hatred. instead of holding grudges we should talk about our problems with each other instead of wanting to kill one another. Things are always going to happen in your lives don’t let one petty thing ruin it.   

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News Click: Vikings Are 0-3!

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Nike Lebron 11 “Kings Pride” – Available Early on Ebay

These sneaks right


Nike Lebron 11 “Kings Pride” – Available Early on Ebay

You may have seen these new Lebron 11s all over the internet recently and they give us a taste of what colorways to expect for the first few releases.

One of the more familiar colourways is the Kings Pride colorway which was the first to introduce the Lebron 11 line.

Whether you love it or loathe it is pretty damn futuristic (more futuristic than the Nike MAG maybe?) The Kings Pride features an Armory Slate colorway with Red and Mint accents, a unique colour combination for the Lebron line.

These won’t release until later this month but You Can Buy Them Now





Ben-Sneaker State

Stay tuned to us here:


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Johnny Manziel: Money. Power, Respect

They need to start paying these college athletes


By:  Jason “Big J” Allen

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I remember as a kid a great man once told me (at least in my mind) that you have to make the Money first, then when you get the Money, you get the Power, then when you get the Power, you get the Woman.  That man was none other than Tony Montana aka “Scarface”, now I agree with Tony on the first two, but then I have to take a page from “The Lox” and add Respect.  Money, Power, Respect is the key to life.  I’m not comparing Johnny Football to Scarface, or to “The Lox” but at the heart of Scarface and the song it’s about the American Dream.  So why are…

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2012-13 Panini Signatures Basketball Hobby Box Review

That’s my boy kobe

Baseball Card Boxes Reviews

1213pnsigBKBAutographs are nothing new in the sports trading cards hobby, however 2012-13 Panini Signatures Basketball pushes the borders of the presentation. In the same way that the name infers, the center of this high-end product is on autographed cards. Yet that is the same as many other sets. What sets 2012-13 Panini Signatures Basketball apart is the way the cards look.

Numerous parts of the product, including inserts and signatures, utilize a great deal of white space. Large pictures are carried out in grayscale, further adding to the light look. What this does is help the colors that do seem, either the signature or a ribbon photograph, pop on the card. The inserts and a percentage of the signatures take comparable methodologies in this respect.

The 2012-13 Panini Signatures Basketball does not have a base set precisely, yet the Chase Rookies, Chase Stars and Chase Legends embeds take a comparative…

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I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I’m Currently in Philadelphia, PA. In my future I’m looking forward to being a NFL player or a good basketball player, I’m still debating about it. I plan on going to LSU or other colleges for football or basketball. I’m going to go everywhere I can.

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